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Installation of LED Strip Lights

When buying light strips for an operation you should always have an idea of how you’ll mount them and set them up. For some strips like the DC LED Flex Strips, it’s as easy as exposing the tenacious backing and sticking them onto a clean face. Other installations can be much more delicate for mounting, cutting, and wiring strips together. Then are some factors you should always keep in mind, we will get more specific further on in this post when we talk about each individual strip.

  • Know the total length of LED strips needed
  • Know how many breaks will be in the lights or how many separate strips you need
  • Know your strips power and voltage requirements
  • Flexibility of the LED strip lights
  • Durability of the LED strips: Need Waterproofing?
  • Decide whether other components such as connectors or extra wire are needed
  • Decide how you will dim, control, or program the strips you set up


Another crucial factor in setting up your LED strips is knowing the wattage. First, you need to find out the wattage of the system you want to set up. Then at LEDSupply, we give you with the wattage per length of strip so it’s easy to find what your total wattage will be formerly you know how numerous direct bases you have. Chancing total wattage won’t only help you find an acceptable power force but will also let you know how important electricity you’ll be using with your new lighting setup.

Once you know the total wattage you’re ready to find a power force. You’ll need a power force for all our strips other than the Plug & Play options (AC5050 Strips and LED Rope Light). Plug and play strips have a power cord erected onto them with a switching motor in line so there’s no need for an fresh power force. 

The first thing when looking for a power force is knowing what input voltage your LED Strips bear. The strips plant at LEDSupply can be either 12V or 24VDC powered … just make sure you know what your strip needs and find a power force with that affair. Secondly, make sure the wattage of the power force is at least 10 advanced than the wattage your LED strips will consume. If there’s no wattage listed on the power force (there always will be on our point) it’s a good thing to note that Affair Voltage x Amperage = Wattage of your power force.

What makes them so easy to use ?

The strips are made with 3M double-sided tenacious backing for easy installation. Secondly, they sit at an extremely low profile. The strips themselves produce little heat so are perfect for tightly spaced operations. The strips are offered in 3- bottom supplements up to a full roll which is16.4 ft (5 Measures) but they’ve cut lines along the strip for you to cut to more precise measures.

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