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Best Ceiling LED Strip Lights

 LED strip lights can add fineness and breathe life into your room, If you’re wearied with your living space. LED strip lights have revolutionized the lighting assiduity and added versatility to the lights and living space. This is a detailed companion on choosing and installing LED strip lights for the ceiling.

Before the installation companion let’s take a quick stint of the crucial features of LED strip lights. So, you can decide which LED strip lights work stylishly for you.

Part 1. Magic Features for Ceiling LED Strip Lights from the rearmost Technology 

part 2. common crucial  features of ceiling Led Strip Lights

Part 3. How to Install LED Strip Lights on Ceiling

Part 4. Recommend Lepro LED Strip Lights for Ceiling
Part 1. Magic Features for Ceiling LED Strip Lights from the rearmost Technology

1. Dream color or Single Color

The versatility of the ceiling LED strip lights is one of its crucial features and that’s why it comes in different tones of white if you choose a single-color LED strip light. still, if you choose multiple colors of LED strip lights also it comes in different colors( generally red, green, blue, RGB). Meanwhile, if you choose RGB LED lights strip with erected- in IC, you’ll see the lights display multicolors at any one time, like a rainbow, which is the so-called

dream color. With this dream color point, you’ll find various lights throughout your entire home.

2. Music Sync
With an erected- in microphone inside the smart LED strip, the light strip can sync with any music in your room. When the party is just starting, shroud the lights and turn on some music, and you’ll get an amazing party time. Generally, there are multiple music modes available, and you can elect the bone
you wish.

3. Multiple Ways of Control
Different types of LED strip lights vary in their control styles. principally, you can get a remote regulator to turn the lights on and out, change colors, and brilliance, etc. Some LED strip lights are also compatible with Amazon Echo, Google Home Mini, fleck,etc., which makes it possible to control the lights with your voice. There are indeed some types that allow you to control everything via APP, that’s to say, you can change the colors, brilliance, or scene modes anywhere and anytime with this WIFI wireless control.

Part 2. Common crucial Features of Ceiling LED Strip Lights
1. Brilliance
Like incandescent bulbs, brilliance is the crucial point of ceiling LED lights strip. The brilliance of an LED strip light is described in lumens per cadence. The brilliance of LED strip lights depends on the following factors

LED affair
Number of LEDs per cadence
The wattage of LED strip lights
generally, the brilliance of the LED strip is 1500 lumens per cadence which is lower than a fluorescent beacon that has 1800 lumens per cadence. If you choose a ceiling LED strip light that has further LED emitters per cadence also it may bring further and be brighter.

2. Dimmable
Still, you should keep your eye on the dimmable point, If you have an interest in passing variable light situations. The LED strip lights are dimmable, and the brilliance of those ceiling LED strip lights can be acclimated. The dimmable point is acclimated to the applicable DC electrical signals.

3. Safety and Warranty
It isn’t doable for us to constantly change LED strip lights on the ceiling, so it’s important to choose those with a high quality. Before copping
, you’d more check that the safety and bond are right.

banix led strip

Part 3. How to Install LED Strip Lights on Ceiling
After opting the stylish fit for your living space I’ll guide you through installing LED strip lights around a ceiling.
This involves the following way.

Step 1. Choose the Stylish LED Strip Lights for Ceiling
Before buying LED lightning ceiling strips always keep in mind their crucial features. LED lighting ceiling strips come in colorful wattages which generally vary from 5 watts to 25 watts. And the different LED lights have a different number of emitters per cadence which determines the brilliance of the LED strip lights for the ceiling. still, it’s your choice regarding other features like the selection of colors, and depends on your living space.

But always keep in mind that the LED strip range shouldn’t be further than the range of the space where you want to hang it. LED strip light ceiling installation can be tricky as you need a sophisticated fashion and outfit to hide the LED light strip in a false ceiling. Choose the stylish size that fits your need and accommodates the height of the ceiling. For a living space, 4 ″ or 7 ″ institutions work well but it also depends on other factors similar as the size of the area you want to light. It also depends on how far the ceiling is from where you light.
But once you choose the stylish fit for your living space also the coming step is drawing your ceiling.

Step 2. Keep the Ceiling Surface Clean and Dry
Generally, you should clean and dry your ceiling before installing LED strip lights to make sure it can be pasted.

BANIX adhesiv

Step 3. Open the LED Tape 
LED strip lights have an glue at the reverse of the tape recording for easy installation. You can fluently cut the LED strip to colorful lengths for easy installation. Then you should make sure to cut off the excess at the cuttable mark.

Step 4. Hide LED Light Strips in the Ceiling
Installing LED strips is veritably easy but if you’re installing the strips in the ceiling you may need a lip to hide the LED strips. So, install the LED lightning ceiling strips behind a lip similar as at the top of a earth or an edge of a drop-down ceiling. This will help you to hide the ceiling LED strip lights and give the stylish lighting effect in the living space for a important satiny look.

Step 5. Connect LED Strip Lights in Ceiling to the Power Supply
You need a compatible motorist and compatible LED connector line to connect the LED strip lights to the power source. You can buy a LED strip light tackle that has everything in it. Once you ’ve all the accessories you can connect the LED strip to the connector line in such a way that the red line connects to the positive sign of the strip and the black line with the negative sign.

Now close the grasp by pressing the connector clip. also you only need to connect the other end of the connector line to the motorist and plug the drive into the main power force and switch on the power button. You’re good to go, and you have successfully installed it around the ceiling, and you have also hidden the strip lights in the ceiling.

Part 4. Recommend Banix LED Strip Lights for Ceiling
Lepro provides colorful types of LED strip lights, similar as WIFI smart LED strip lights working with Alexa Google Home, music sync RGB LED strip lights, leakproof LED Strip Light Accoutrements, and soon. However, just have a check and find the right one, If you’re looking for decorations for your false ceiling. With Lepro LED strip lights, you can do exactly what you want. Indeed the price of the product is reasonable and has a lot of features that other brands don’t indeed give.

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