Multicolor neon strip light 8*16 MM

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  • Light Source Type LED
  • Occasion Home
  • Power and Plug Description AC
  • Colour Non Adhesive
  • Brand Banix
  • Material Others
  • Voltage 220 Volts
  • Control Method App
  • Controller Type Voice Control

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Technical Details

Brand Banix
Country of Origin ‎India
Length ‎5 to 15 Meters
Width ‎1 Centimeters
Colour ‎‎ Multicolor
Material copper
Number of Lights 96 LEDs per Meter
Included Components ‎‎Light kit included
Voltage ‎‎220 Volts (AC)
Specific Uses ‎Interior Lights
Power and Plug Description ‎AC
Type of Bulb ‎LED

Additional Information

Packer Banix
Box Weight ‎770 g
Box Dimensions LxWxH 2‎5 x 25 x 7 CM


How to connect the device to Wi-Fi?

You must download and open our App which is available in both Android and IOS phones. and all the nearby devices will be shown in the app, select the device and follow the simple steps to connect your device to Wi-Fi.

Is wifi router required to control the device?

Wi-Fi router is not required for locally controlled devices, Bluetooth connection is enough. Wi-Fi router is required only for controlling device from outside home.

What is in the box?

Light kit included

Product Description

Improved light distribution.

This Neon strip lights are equipped with 120 LEDs in every meter and the silicon coat over the LEDs distribute the light evenly throughout the strip and makes it spotless. The strip light is powered by 12V DC supply hence making it flicker free and emit bright light and color.

Soft and Flexible strip Light.

This flexible neon strip light is 6*12mm in dimension and is filled with high quality silicone material. This strip is thin, light weight, soft and flexible making it easy to install it in any shape.

Easy DIY installations.

This Neon strip light has a cuttable mark where you can cut the strip. This mark is recurrent at every 2.5CM which means that you can get a customized length to match your requirement at a resolution of 2.5CM. You will also receive clamps and screws with this product, you can use this clamps to fix your Neon strip light at your desired place and at your desired shape.

Wide usage applications

This flexible Neon strip light is waterproof and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage. This Neon strip is used to decorate mirror, table, TV, door frame, car, bike, trees, cabinet, wardrobe, gaming monitor, advertising signboard, shop brand logo and structure outline light, etc.

control your strip with voice command

Control your LED strip with voice control in nine different languages English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi and Malayalam languages support and the commands supported with a particular language selected.

Choose scenes to match your mood with ambient lighting

Choose ambient according to your feelings. If you want to capture your story’s mood and consume every moment of the atmosphere and always be adjusted to match his/her emotions at the time. It should reduce the lighting ratio in the scene being shot. This is a big step toward creating calm & receptive atmosphere. It is very easy to use in Vithamas home mobile app which is available for both android and IOS mobiles.

True control on strip with 16 million colors and 256 brightness steps

Colors can change the mood of our mind. Cool your mind by selecting your own color that you like. Your strips contain 16 million of colors and 256 brightness steps. So you can choose variety of colors from your own strips through Vithamas home mobile app which is available for both android and IOS mobiles.

Set routines to automatically turn ON/OFF the strip

Add colors to attract your room with this RGB strip light. You can turn on and off all of the lights from anywhere you have an internet connection, be that tucked in at bed at night or when you pull into the driveway. To set it up, simply open the Vithamas Home mobile app on your phone, go to Routines. you can have your lights automatically change color.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 6 cm

3 Meters, 4 Meters, 5 Meters, 6 Meters, 7 Meters, 8 Meters, 9 Meters, 10 Meters, 11 Meters, 12 Meters, 13 Meters, 14 Meters, 15 Meters

62 reviews for Multicolor neon strip light 8*16 MM

  1. mohini dash (verified owner)

    I got 10% discount in here. It’s a good deal for me. Strips light are awesome?

  2. Vinay (verified owner)

    Great buy. Got this 10 Meter Neon Strip light with good discount.

  3. shruthi (verified owner)

    happy with the product.

  4. subhasa (verified owner)

    Nice products. I really happy with this purchase. ?

  5. dash (verified owner)

    After use more then 1 months. Am give my review. Banix neon led strips are function good. Work’s properly on my interior . Application controller so help to me . Thanks

  6. gudu (verified owner)

    बहुत ही अछा led strips है.

  7. mamuni (verified owner)

    Banix led strips are good for ceiling . Now my room looking so different ?

  8. sagar misra (verified owner)

    1 साल के Worrenty के साथ एलईडी स्ट्रिप्स अच्छी गुणवत्ता वाले हैं। उपयोग के लिए कोई तनाव नहीं?

  9. mohan prakas (verified owner)

    Nala porul products ??

  10. Pranit (verified owner)

    Strips are Excellent work on my kitchen interior. Am easily control in phone and enjoy the music mood lot ?

  11. Chaitanya (verified owner)

    ଭଲ ଲାଈଟି ହେଉଛି

  12. Vaidik (verified owner)

    Bahut badhiya hee. Phone pe aramse control ho raha hee . Or ky chahiya

  13. Aakav (verified owner)

    Nice one but 1 want more mobile controlled products

  14. Aarav (verified owner)

    Bagundi ??

  15. mohini.dash (verified owner)

    Neon strips are multi color that’s the Amazing??

  16. Saatvik (verified owner)

    Orange light more attractive?

  17. Sabarinathan (verified owner)

    In Dance mood strips work good we enjoy party night in my home.

  18. mona (verified owner)

    Good one

  19. Jihan (verified owner)

    Bhalo led strip ache. Amar chua dekhi kari bahut khusi hela. Thanks banix

  20. Daavi (verified owner)

    Ohk. Type my exceptional something more

  21. Daedca (verified owner)

    Not bad

  22. Dalajit (verified owner)


  23. Babumohan (verified owner)

    Good not bad

  24. Bagyaraj (verified owner)

    I want discount more

  25. Kaarti (verified owner)

    I suggest my friends to buy this strips for tv background light ??

  26. p.raja row (verified owner)

    Super ?

  27. Yash (verified owner)

    My interior designer suggest me buy these led strips so I purchase them. It’s best at my expectation. Banix ??

  28. Aabha (verified owner)

    Good led light ??

  29. Cedija (verified owner)

    Waterproof led strips not find in market. Thanks banix for this strips at good price

  30. Bageshri (verified owner)

    Thanks, banix for this waterproof led strip ?

  31. mohini.dash (verified owner)


  32. Chadana (verified owner)

    Good neon lights

  33. Bahurai (verified owner)

    No bad. Need mor improvement

  34. Aabheer (verified owner)

    Good light experience with this strips ?

  35. Dadasaheb (verified owner)

    Nice led strip

  36. Aadhya (verified owner)


  37. Chairavali (verified owner)

    Multi color neon lights ?

  38. Dahana (verified owner)

    Neon light with multi color

  39. Aadi (verified owner)


  40. Aaditeya (verified owner)

    Beautiful colors come in this strip

  41. Daksha (verified owner)

    Amazing lights for decorations ??

  42. Chaithvika (verified owner)

    Neon worked good

  43. Aahana (verified owner)

    Just try it. You definitely love this ❤

  44. Chameli (verified owner)

    Fully satisfying with this strips light?

  45. Aalok (verified owner)

    Badhiya he ??

  46. monoja (verified owner)

    Price is little bit high

  47. Chanchala (verified owner)

    Products quality at this price impressive ?

  48. Dalajit (verified owner)

    Nice neon led strip ?

  49. Baadal (verified owner)


  50. Aarthi (verified owner)

    Red, blue, green,pink light ?

  51. Baani (verified owner)


  52. Baaskaran (verified owner)

    Delivered in 2 days that’s awesome. Good products also

  53. Babhulkar (verified owner)


  54. Babby (verified owner)

    Beauty light s

  55. pintu (verified owner)


  56. Daanesh (verified owner)

  57. Babita (verified owner)


  58. Balakrishna (verified owner)

    With 1 year warrant good deal I think

  59. Babjan (verified owner)

    Light blinking follow the music nice

  60. Babudas (verified owner)

    Water proof light work Awesome in outside

  61. mohini.dash (verified owner)

    Waterproof worked

  62. Badarinath (verified owner)

    In my pool led light work’s good

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