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Spiral shaft multicolor floor lamp

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SKU: Spiral shaft light stand

Category: Corner Lamp

Technical Details
Brand Banix
Country of Origin India
Height 136 Centimeters
Width 18 Centimeters
Colour Multicolor
Material Aluminium
Number of Lights 74 Addressable LEDs
Included Components Light kit included
Voltage 5 Volts (DC)
Specific Uses Interior Lights
Power and Plug Description 20W, 220V to 5V adapter
Type of Bulb LED
Additional Information
Packer Banix
Box Weight 2520 g
Box Dimensions LxWxH 136 x 27 x17 CM

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What is in the box?

Spiral shaft multicolor floor lamp, smart controller, 5V 4A power adapter.

Product Description

About this product:

Spiral shaft multicolor corner floor lamp with addressable RGBIC LEDs. It consists 74 WS2812B ARGB LEDs which can light up at 74 different shades at the same time creating a running light effect. In this floor lamp it is possible to set the color and brightness of each LED independently, thus each LED in this floor lamp is one independant pixel. Each pixel can change color and brightness in the whole system, thus forming rich running effects such as running horse, flowing water, Rainbow effect, theater chase, meteor trailing, scanning, etc. Addressable LED strip are more beautiful and colorful than the traditional single color LED strip; more dynamic than the traditional RGB LED strip effect. Compared with ordinary light strips, Addressable LED strip is a special kind of light strips. The most common LED used in the market Addressable LED strip is an IC chip integrated SMD LED package that can control each LED. Usually, one IC chip controls one LED, which means that each channel IC chip controls each LED color.

The difference between Addressable LED strip and ordinary LED strip lights.

The light beads of the addressable RGB LED strip are composed of a single-point single control form, while the single color strip light is generally composed of a series of connection light beads. Each light bead of the addressable RGB LED strip can be an independent color, so you can experience many effects accordance to the Banix controller which can form the lighting pattern you want to show.
The ordinary single-color light strip can only emit a color, which limits its diversity. However, for some large monochrome scene lighting production, a single color strip light is still very practical.

True control on strip with 16 million colors and 256 brightness steps

Colors can change the mood of our mind. Cool your mind by selecting your own color that you like. Your strips contain 16 million of colors and 256 brightness steps. So you can choose variety of colors from your own strips through Vithamas home mobile app which is available for both android and IOS mobiles.
16 million colors
16 million colors and 256 brightness steps

Choose scenes to match your mood with ambient lighting

Choose ambient according to your feelings. If you want to capture your story's mood and consume every moment of the atmosphere and always be adjusted to match his/her emotions at the time. It should reduce the lighting ratio in the scene being shot. This is a big step toward creating calm & receptive atmosphere. It is very easy to use in Vithamas home mobile app which is available for both android and IOS mobiles.
Choose scenes mode
Scenes to match your mood

Set routines to automatically turn ON/OFF the strip

Add colors to attract your room with this RGB strip light. You can turn on and off all of the lights from anywhere you have an internet connection, be that tucked in at bed at night or when you pull into the driveway. To set it up, simply open the Vithamas Home mobile app on your phone, go to Routines. you can have your lights automatically change color.
Schedule your strip light
Turn ON/OFF with schedule mode
Additional Information
WEIGHT 2.5 kg
DIMENSIONS 136 x 27 x17 CM
4 reviews for Spiral shaft multicolor floor lamp

Arya (verified purchaser) - october 6, 2022

This light and it’s shape is looking good even when the light is off. I liked this product

Prashanth (verified purchaser) - November 21, 2022

It fills the space next to my sofa perfectly. This is the main attraction in my hall now.

Sophia (verified purchaser) - December 17, 2022

All the colors and scene modes looks good in this light even brightness is amazing

Rakesh (verified purchaser) - December 27, 2022

Everything about this light is nice. the colors, the quality, control options everything is good in this light.

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